Sunday, October 03, 2010

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World... And I really mean it!

There once was a woman named Mad
Whose home was looking rather sad
It sagged where it shouldn't
Lift spirits? It wouldn't!
It was making her feel really, well, kind of bad...

Color and life it was most certainly lacking
So she set out to do a bit of spackling
"A bit" turned into "A Freaking LOT!"
Months passed by, nerves were shot
She had zero free time for internet yakking...

Spackle and dust became her life
Each new project filled with strife
Old houses, well, they take a lot of care
{Weary remodelers, beware!}
Project stresses can run especially rife!

Plaster walls come crumbling down
and leave owners with big frowns
Hardwood floors look lovely, so true
but bring on refinishing blues
Spackling, sanding, painting, more sanding... Yikes! Zounds!

But words are Madly's great love
Storytelling fits her like a glove
She's ready to put down her tools
To get back to ghosts and ghouls
And other mysteries, as below and above...

HOME FOR A SPELL comes out at New Year
Yes, there are more Bewitching books, never fear!
I have some doozies planned for you
Stay tuned, my lovelies! If you only knew!
Oh, the things that will be coming out, my dears!

Home For A Spell, Hardcover release 1/4/11
ISBN# 0425238679
Available for pre-order now!

If you know of anyone looking for a castle...
A charmer in the heart of the great Midwest...
In an Indiana town that is as Mayberry as, well, Mayberry...
A town with tree-lined streets...
And ice cream socials and pancake breakfasts at the local fire station...
And a drive-in restaurant that still puts on sock hops some Saturday nights...
And where Friday night varsity games draw numbers that give most local churches attendance envy...
Let me know...
Because Castle Alt is going up for sale! Woot!


Jillywiccan said...

Castle Alt is up for Sale?? WOW
is there a listing for it? Online?
Im seriously interested!!
Can U send me some info on it that way i can look into it and discuss things with my Husband?

my email is:

Thanks Madelyn~ I LOVE ure house and all ure books! Keep thme coming,
Jill Lutz )o(

Melissa-in-NY said...

Can't wait for the next book! I pre-ordered...just in case it snows and I can't get to a bookstore! I love the balance of mystery, romance and self-discovery in all your books. They are filled with hope and joy - I love them. Please add a knitter to your cast of characters, there something magical about people who can knit lace from a chart (and Lord knows that's what it would take for me to "get it" and knit lace!!)

Madelyn Alt said...
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Madelyn Alt said...

@Melissa_in_NY: Please stand by... ;>