Sunday, July 25, 2010

We Interrupt This Blog...

... with an important announcement from ... me.

Just a note to say that my main website,, is down for the time being, but will be returning shortly. I've been having one technical difficulty after another this summer, but hopefully everything will be ironed out within the next couple of weeks. Watch this space for news of updates, and I'll let you know when the site is back up.

I'm in the middle of revisions on Book 7 right now. Titled HOME FOR A SPELL, the hardcover will be released on January 4, 2011 . . . along with the paperback version of A WITCH IN TIME. If you have been waiting, patiently or otherwise, for the paperback release of AWIT, January is right around the corner! {I promise!}

In the meantime, enjoy your summer! I'll be posting here within the next week or two, letting you know about some of the other things that have been claiming my attention.

Back to revisions for me!

Love to all,

Mad {madly!}

1 comment:

Kathryn Landfair said...

I hope your website woes are solved without minimal incident as I know (I'm a web developer/designer) all too well the issues that can pop up.

Can't wait till January!!! I need my Maggie fix!

Thanks so much for all you do!