Monday, October 01, 2007

Interview File Now Available Online

Well! The interview was last night, and I have to say, I didn't even get hives! Kristy and Amy were amazingly good fun, and it really did feel just like girlfriends chatting about everything under the sun. Plus, a little bit of book and writing info as well.

If you weren't able to listen live last night, you can access the file here:

The regularly scheduled radio show is going to be switching to Thursday nights at 7 p.m. EST. Be sure to give them a listen! They have a number of fun interviews in their archives, to boot. Here is a pic of the intrepid hosts:

That's Amy there on the left, and Kristy on the right.

In addition to ParaWomenRadio, Kristy and Amy are two of the foundng members of the League for Extraordinary Paranormal Women, which was formed for Women, about Women, and supporting Women in all area's of the Paranormal fields including investigators, authors, writers, editors, artists, filmmakers, screenwriters, actresses, and musicians. A very cool concept, I think. Please visit them on MySpace here:

Also, if you are interested, Kristy and Amy are heading up a ghosthunt for Halloween at the BlackHawk Bar & Grill in Richland, Michigan on October 30th. You cannot go wrong with this group if you are looking to experience a real, live ghosthunt. Please get in touch with them via . It looks like it will be a haunting good time!

Here is Kristy's MySpace: (don't forget that Kristy is a wonderfully talented spirit medium!)

And Amy's MySpace:

Love to all on this cool, rainy night...

Mad {madly!}

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