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Guest Blogger: Kristy Robinett, Psychic Medium

Today I have a special treat for you all. I have been chatting with Kristy Robinett, a very talented clairvoyant and spirit medium for the last few weeks. Kristy has so many fascinating experiences, and she possesses a connection to the world of spirit that never fails to amaze me. Thinking it would be cool to be able to offer you all a little glimpse into her world, I asked her if she would be willing to be a guest on my blog here, and I was so happy when she graciously said yes.

So, without further ado . . . Kristy Robinett.


I want to thank Madelyn for giving me the opportunity to be a guest Blogger. Mad and I came upon one another on the mysterious World Wide Web. I don't believe in coincidences but in universal synchronicity, and I thank her whole heartedly for becoming my friend!

An Undercover Psychic Medium
Kristy Robinett

"Does this happen often?" I evenly asked the middle aged lady sitting across from me as I ducked the second cobalt blue tea cup that had been aimed at my head. I watched as it fell to the ground without breaking.

"It started a few weeks ago. He seems to like dishes the best," Celia responded. "I've asked him to throw something softer, but he seems to like dishes the best," she repeated, ducking a matching plate.

The house was a typical 1970s ranch with a typical family inside to match. I had received the call from Celia asking if I would please do a paranormal investigation and a house blessing. She stated that odd things were happening.

Odd didn't quite describe it.

The air in the three bedroom house was thick and heavy with negative emotion and fear. Part of the fear was coming from me I was sure. Even after umpteen years (you think I am going to tell you my age?!) of doing investigations, I was still in awe and I still got scared. My husband sat next to me, one eye brow raised slightly, as he looked around at the unexplainable chaos. He silently shook his head and gave me a sideways smirk. He married into the nutso life of me being a Psychic Medium and as he always said, "came along for the beer." Although neither of us drank.

I was born with "the gift", but growing up I often referred to it as "the curse," as it seemed to cause more trouble than it was worth. My father was extremely religious; a well respected Deacon of the Missouri Synod Lutheran church. Anything ghostly or psychic was of the devil. Or that was what I was taught from early on. So, when I saw spirits at the age of three and communicated with them, it wasn't exactly the kind of heart to heart talk that I wanted to have with my parents. To be honest with you, I still haven't had that chat. I confess; I am not great with confrontation. I kept the gift hidden. Sort of. I loved doing predictions and would share them with my friends, especially if I 'knew' that there was going to be a pop quiz, or that so and so was going to break up or get together. When asked how I knew about these things before they happened, I made up lame excuses. The toughest part of the gift comes with situations like plane crashes or other disasters, and they still continue to impact me quite hard. When September 11th happened and I had a,vision a few days beforehand, I blamed myself for not doing anything other than scribbling some drawings, names, dates, and other miscellaneous things in my journal. If I wasn't given this to help, then why was I given this? It is still a question I often ask myself.

So what is a Psychic Medium? I am sure that images of flowing gowns, incense and airy-sounding women come to mind. Ha! That is sooooo not me. Flowing gowns just aren't my thang. I tend to gravitate towards jeans and cute t-shirts. Incense? I just don't like the smell, but I do burn white sage! And the airy voice. Hmmm…my husband may call me an airhead sometimes, but he says it in a loving way! In a nutshell, as a psychic medium, I talk to those who have crossed over, along with Spirit Guides, and I pass along information that they give me. It is different from a psychic who uses earthly tools (tarot, pendulum, etc) to foretell the future. Readings with me are never of the cookie cutter variety. I have a sense of humor, and I like to use that in the readings. I still remember the first time I went for a reading for myself. Wowzers, was I nervous. I thought for sure that he would tell me all bad and nothing good. Instead I was immediately put at ease, and felt like I was talking to a friend. That is how I want my readings to be, and I strive to achieve that with everybody I read, no matter the person or the situation. I take my police work very seriously, though. Missing persons and murder cases are tough, especially when they deal with children. I have had my share of tears working on cases with police and private investigators. And paranormal investigations, although they can be fun, can also be stressful and dangerous. It isn't always the ghosts or demons you have to fear, but the living. There is never a dull moment in my life and for that I am thankful as I get bored easily. Sometimes I wait to hear "Cut" from a director and have it all shut off; but my life is real. Sometimes surreal, sure, but still real.

It is difficult to sum up my life as a Psychic Mediumship in one journal entry. I have stories. Boy, do I have stories! And with each paranormal investigation, murder/missing person case and each client I read for, I add more to it. I love being a Psychic Medium. I love doing readings, I love doing radio, and I love doing television. I used to hide, but I am coming out of my shell as to who I am. I am no longer an undercover Psychic Medium, just a Psychic Medium. I will scream it from the rooftop.

Ok, maybe not. I am afraid of heights.

Celia's problem seemed to be an older gentleman in spirit who had once lived in the house. He was very upset that the family was renovating the kitchen. I had a talk with this stubborn spirit in residence, and it was decided that Celia would keep the dishes in the same spot that his wife had always kept them – next to the stove instead of next to the sink. Another mystery solved.

If only they were all that easy!


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Jillywiccan said...

Greetings Mad,
I just read your blog, with Guest blogger Kristy Robinett!! Strangely,yet TRUE its ALL to familiar to me. I have had visions/dreams of the disaster that happened on September 11 prior to it happenening, just like Kristy did. I also had visions about the Hurricane Katrina almost 2 weeks before it happened!!! I just wanted to share that with you seeing how it was unbelieveable to me at that time!!! I dont think my family believed me when I told them. I have had all kinds of strange occurances happen to me.. hmmmm..... Visions. I feel I might be an Empath... Psychic or a medium as well??? I dont know!
Anywho, Keep on writing your heart out!! I LOVE your stories!!!!