Saturday, January 10, 2009

Feathering My Nest...

Happy New Year to all! With 2009 now firmly underway, I thought I'd take a moment to update everyone on what's been going on around here.

Book 5 in The Bewitching Mysteries now has a title: WHERE THERE'S A WITCH, due to be released 7/3/09. Revisions came in over the holidays, but they are done, done, done, and I'm glad, glad, glad. My editor is a wonder and has the best suggestions, always, for little ways to make things clearer, better, bigger. With those out of the way, I am easing my way into Book 6.

What else have I been doing? Feathering my nest -- in other words, remodeling! One of our bathrooms is in the middle of a much-needed revamp, and while it's admittedly a little distressing to glance in the open doorway to find that you can look straight through the open floor joists clear to the basement, in the end it will all be worth it. The crew is actually working faster than I had expected; they just started on Wednesday, and should be done by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. While they are doing that, the family and I have been adding some much-needed color to our home. We've put the finishing touches on three rooms, have a fourth nearly done, and have a couple more rooms to evaluate. Not that Castle Alt will be a finished project when the rest of the rooms are painted, by any means. There is always something that needs done. Usually many somethings, just waiting their turn to hit the top of the priority list.

Still, it feels good to have the painting out of the way, at least. It's a little early for this to qualify as spring cleaning, but that's being accomplished as well as a byproduct of moving the furniture to the center of the room, sweeping cobwebs, cleaning or completely updating light fixtures, removing drapes, vacuuming corners. By the time spring actually arrives, my home should be in pretty good shape. :-)

Wishing you all only the best and brightest of blessings in the upcoming months,

Mad {madly!}


Ella said...

Good Luck on the castle improvements. We installed a fireplace insert this year. The best thing we ever did. It keeps the house toasty warm w/o losing the heat up the chimney.

Happy New Year!

Gail e (aka the Stitch 'n Frog) said...

While I can not understand why I had not discovered your books before this month, at least I did discover them~ And bought all four of the Witchy series, have read three and am halfway through with the fourth.

Sure wish I read more slowly, it's a long time to wait until July. sigh~~~~

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

happy hugs,
gail e (aka the Stitch 'n Frog)