Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mad's List of Universal Truths, Halloween/Samhain-Style

I've always enjoyed all those fun Top 10 lists, and as I was sitting here today, nursing a headache caused by too much makeup, not enough sleep, and way too much sugar, I thought, Hey! Perfect Blogging Opportunity!

Here's what I came up with. Universal Truths for those lovers of Halloween/Samhain. By the way, sorry for the blurry pics. My photographer was a 14 year old who doesn't have the patience to hold still. :)


#10) At times like these, a girl can never use too much glitter

#9) Never let a 14-year-old boy loose with a pint of fake blood.

Or faery wings. Yes, that's my son demonstrating his best Owen Wilson pucker below. And yes, he probably got his goofy sense of humor from his mom. I claim no responsibility for the blood above, though. Ick. The wings look totally wrong from behind, by the way.

#8) Always buy more candy than you bought last year {10 big bags, and we ran out in an hour and 10 minutes this year!}
#7) Glitter is something that goes with everything, and as such, should maybe even be used every day

#6) False eyelashes and the right makeup can make any woman look H-O-T, which is definitely cool. No wonder the stars like ‘em so much!

#5) Chocolate will always get a rave vote from Trick or Treaters

#4) Chocolate always gets a rave vote from those persons passing out the Treats, too. ;>

#3) Kitties pick up glitter like crazy

#2) Glitter in the hair one day means looking like Dreamy McSparkle on days two and three, no matter how much you shampoo and brush. Then again, guys seem to like that. ;>

#1) What goes up, must come down... but that can wait until the weekend. :)

There's a whole lotta cobweb on our old wraparound porch, trust me. :)

A few more pics from Castle Alt:

That's about it, so until next year, remember:

Always Practice Safe Hex! And watch out for the zombies!

Love to all,
Mad {madly!}


mama kelly said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!! I have yet to upload our Halloween pics to our blog yet (bad mama bad mama!!) but hope to get to it before .... Yule



Mama Kelly

Autumn Zephyr said...

You look beautiful in the pics. But I am confused. I thought you had one child, a young boy. Do you have two?

I have ordered the 3rd book from The Book Cellar, my favorite local bookstore. Can't wait!

Madelyn Alt said...

Mama Kelly, be sure to pass on the link when you do! I love Halloween photo blogs. :)

Autumn Zephyr, LOL! I actually have ::koff koff:: four children. My youngest just happens to provide me with website fodder on a more regular basis. ;>

My oldest is graduating college this year. I still can't believe that!

And bless you for pre-ordering!!!!

Mad {madly!}

Laura Stamps said...

Wonderful photos! You are absolutely right. Faery wings are a must every day (grin).

Much love to you and many faery blessings!!

dfangel said...

Love your Halloween photos. Thanks for sharing them. Halloween is big at our house. You have great ideas for pumpkins. I think I will be doing the pumpkin king this year. My daughter just turned one and this will be her first Halloween going out. I will be posting my pictures this year since I am new to this :)