Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Soooooo... Quick Question

So, I've been receiving requests from readers to start a yahoogroup where people can congregate and discuss the Bewitching series and all things paranormal, as well as receive tidbits and teasers and input from the author in question... namely, me. This list would be whatever readers made of it, and would be separate from any announcement list for those who just want to receive notification of upcoming releases. I'd be more than happy to generate the yahoogroup, but am drawing a blank on what to call you all {other than "My Beloved and Much Appreciated Readers," heh}.

Any suggestions?

Also, a note for MySpace readers. There actually is an existing MySpace group for fans of the Bewitching series. You can join at

Love to all,

Mad {madly!}


Laura Stamps said...

I really like this idea. Count me in when you do it. I belong to a bunch of Yahoo groups, SF&F forums, social networking groups (Goodreads, etc.), and of course I am an addicted blogger (grin), and from my experience a Yahoo group is going to be more active if it also contains paranormal discussions. Good thinking!

As for a name for the new Yahoo group, how about...

1.) "Mad-for-N.I.G.H.T.S"
2.) "Mad's-Mad-World"
3.) "Enchanted-with-Mad"
4.) "The-Stony-Millers"

Send me an email at if you like, and I would be happy act as a sounding board for any names you have come up with.

Sending many faery xoxox to you today!

Shel Franz said...

The Yahoo group sounds like a good idea, I'll definitely be onboard!
Thanks for the comments on my blog and hope you have an excellent rest-of-the-weekend.

Shel from Phenomenal Webmistress