Monday, July 09, 2007

Let There Be Fireworks...

Otherworldly Sex -- that does kind of flow, doesn't it? It's almost enough to make me wish I wrote about magickal creatures, gettin' their groove on.

Alas, I write paranormal mystery of the fairly light sort, with little touches of darkness thrown in, of course, to hint at what's really going on in plain, old Stony Mill, Indiana. And while I like to poke at and test the boundaries of genre as much as the PTB will let me get away with {::very big grin::}, I don't think I'm going to be having any pull-out-all-the-stops love scenes any time soon. Let alone sex between magickal beings, considering that the Bewitching series is peopled by ordinary people living somewhat extraordinary lives.

That is not to say that my empathic heroine, Maggie, is not going to be getting some. Eventually. Poor girl, she's been going without for far too long, wouldn't you say? She deserves an otherworldly experience as much as the next girl. But since I have been charged with telling her story, when the time comes I will simply have to rein in the urge to describe every... little... nuance of the experience in oh-so-loving detail.

Me, I'm just wondering what sex between two unshielded empaths would be like. As any empath can attest, the, um, experience is often fortuitously {if inadvertently} enhanced by intercepting the, um, reactions of one's partner. {::koff koff::} Quite handy, that. If two empaths were to share their enthusiasm... well... given their natural ability to project as well as receive... and especially if the experience was carried aloft on the wings of True Love {insert the thumping of hearts here}....

Yeah, I'm pretty much thinking it would be:

Talk about your ultimate in magical powers. Whoever said empaths were short-shrifted in the psychic abilities department, anyway?

Mad {extra madly!}


Liz Flaherty said...

I truly think you'd have a ball writing the love scene between empaths.

How's it going, Mad?

Autumn Zephyr said...

Listen to that Inner Muse, lady! Perhaps there is another series knocking around in your head. Another quirky heroine's story demanding to be told!